At Nashbud we breathe security

We have built Nashbud for our users to share the most personal and intimate information with their friends and loved ones throughout the day. Our users deserve to have an amazing, spam free, and secured experience. Keeping this in mind we made sure that all the messages sent across Nashbud are encrypted from end to end as we do everything in our power to keep your messages safe from falling into the wrong hands.

Reporting issues and Feedback are easy

Step 1: Tap the menu on the top left of your home page.

Step 2: Select Send feedback.

Step 3: Enter your queries, feedback or comments and add screenshots and Send it to us.

We will do our best to help.

Your Flicks are Secured

Nobody can steal, download, copy or screenshot your daily life moments. This is a secured way of owning what you create.

Conversations on connections

Nashbud prevents anybody from spamming you who is not in your Nashbud contacts. You need to add each other as friends on Nashbud to share any messages.