With Nashbud, now you can connect to a hub of individuals with diverse interests, lifestyles and dreams personally.

Create meaningful bonds with ones you relate and make your story an adventure.

Personalized features. Genuine connections.

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Valuable bonds

Get in touch with the ones whom you share common aspirations, motive and passion with. Connect and build relations that matter.

Experience Flicks

Share temporary moments of your daily life. Stay updated about moments of your loved ones too. Keep flicking, keep viewing!


When we say personal we mean it. Keep a record of all your activities and its details. This is your personal diary. Only you can view this.

Build Your Identity

Create your custom rich profiles.Update blogs, photos, videos, gifs and activities to your profile as you want it to be viewed.

Secured conversations

The most personal messages and information are shared on Nashbud. Nobody has access to this information without your consent

Freedom to share

Share your stories with your loved ones. What people react to your post is always private to you.
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